Tie Dye Time!

Tie Die 16  3

Every summer for the last 3 years, we make up a small batch of tie dye blank journals. We started doing this in small numbers and took the journals to sell outside concerts at places like Red Rocks. They have always been a popular item and sell fast. We use a special cloth consisting of 55% Hemp and 45% organic cotton, and are also using recycled paper and binders boards. Last year we made even more, sold them all and this year we have quintupled our crop of Tie Dye designs. First we cut the cloths into section for various size journals, then we dye the cloths and let dry over a period of days. Once dry, we go back and adhere a paper backing to the cloth so if can be used as a book cloth. PH neutral PVA glue is used. Earth Friendly all the way!

Tie Die 16 1

Tie Die 16 2

Stay tuned for our finished products will be done in about 1 week.

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