So You Want to Make Your Own Line of Blank Journals?

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Working right on the front lines of this industry allowed us to hear the needs of hundreds of like minded publishers, designers and creatives across the globe who wanted to create some “new” type of journal or notebook- something of their very own. They came asking, searching. We listened.

They wanted journals with recycled paper, rounded corners, ribbon markers, elastic closures, and expandable pockets on the inside back cover. We constructed a program loaded with these type of features and made in the USA.

We understand the economic realities of the global economy. We also clearly understand our niche and value proposition. Through our website, you can design journals in quantities as low as one for a respectable price, using higher quality materials than most of the mass market notebooks and journals you will find. We can offer discounted pricing on orders as few as ten copies, making our products in the USA and available to the smaller gift shops and corporations without the large investment of inventory that is typically required from an overseas vendor. So rather than waiting, hoping and risking working with a vendor on the opposite side of the world and all the inherent communication or quality issues that could go along with it, start small, right away today with

Merging Paper, Printing and Binding techniques to create a line of notebooks or journals is not all that easy. But we can make it easy for you!

Let’s cut right to the issues:

70 lb Natural Rolland Recycled Paper is our House Stock
70 lb Natural Rolland Recycled Paper is our House Stock


1) Paper/Materials
We favor a particular text paper from Rolland, 70 lb Natural Text. It’s not the only paper on the market and it’s not the cheapest either. We love it for it’s performance, and the overall environmental stance the company takes. So we invested in large purchases of this brand and we call it our “house stock” . Yes….there are other brands and we’re also in love with Mohawk, Neenah, French Papers, Ecological Fibers and several others.

We have personal connections with all of these companies above and (given notice) we can provide swatch samples from all of the above. Design Bindery LLC also works with book cloth, cover material, leather suppliers, handmade paper companies, suppliers of ribbon, silk, cotton, hemp, wood and much more.

You can spend a lot of time researching and developing a respect for all of this, or you can just simply take our advice and guidance. We’ve been on this for several years and can save you a lot of time! Just tell us what you want! We can guide you towards best options. We thrive on making each project different.


old_printing_machine (1)


2) Printing
digital/sheetfed offset/web offset/ gravure

Many different things to consider here dependent upon the quantity of books you want to produce. Bear in mind, that as quantity needs change, so do the most cost effective methods of production. Smaller quantity print runs may involve entirely different production methods than medium to longer run requirements. This can effect how many units per parent sheet are obtained or what type of press is best suited for reproduction of your content and many more complexities. Today’s needs may also involve variable data or personalization. We are close partners with digital and offset printers regionally and internationally. As a project moves from prototype to early adoption, small scale production to wide scale acceptance and mass market production requirements, there are many minor details to hone in on, and Design Bindery LLC has the experience to help you get started.

Half Bind Description of options first page


3) Binding
Hand sewn/machine sewn (Smyth/Singer)/Wire-O Bound/ Perfect Bound

Here again, there are so many options, and yet, there are only so many proven methods or styles of bindings that most binderies will produce in workmanlike fashion. So for economy sake, it’s best not to try to re-create the wheel but instead, stick with one of the many time tested styles of traditional bindings we offer and apply your content and design to it. It’s really that simple, yet it’s also that complicated. If you want to do something really different, we may be able to help, depending on circumstances and details. We have worked on several special projects involving non traditional book cover materials and binding methods. Once we discuss your needs, we can let you know exactly what we can and cannot offer.

We created Design Bindery LLC out of a need from the marketplace for unique bindery options catered to hand made blank journals and stationery products. Check out some of the features we offer as standard products, and if you are looking for something a bit more special- please contact us

Now go change the world! We’re here to help along the way.

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