Sneak Peak: Noterious

Along with doing journal and book production work for other brands and companies, the fun part of this whole thing for me is the dreaming and scheming of our own new products. I’ve been talking off and on for some time about this new brand launch: Noterious. Sometimes it’s a good thing to wait, or hold off. In this case, I feel I have crystallized the brand concept much better than it’s original draft. This line will consist of notebooks and stationery to start with. Multiple products will be introduced in stages, approximately every quarter.

Here’s a sneak peek at the finalized logo.

Stay tuned for the launch of Noterious. It won’t be too much longer, I promise!!

Are you a paper geek or diva? Do you have a journal addiction? Perhaps we can help. We are looking for selected fine people with social media followings and fanbases in the areas of graphic design, paper, stationery, event planning, and other creative fields to become a Design Bindery brand ambassador. What’s in it for you? You will receive advance test products, quarterly samples in exchange for your feedback and social sharing. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, please email me:



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