Smyth Sewn Art/Photo Editions


Design Bindery LLC. works with museums, galleries, designers, photographers and professional book publishers to produce short run length, hard cover, Smyth sewn editions. By “short run”, we mean quantities of 1 to 100 copies.

Design Bindery Smyth Sewn Binding Example with ribbon marker added

Want to get started on the journey to your Smyth Sewn Artbook or Photographic edition?
Please email initial inquiries to


We are a boutique short run book production service for experienced print buyers such as: book designers, museums, art galleries, fine artists, photographers, comic book publishers, children’s books and other types of highly visual, photographic and illustrated book projects. We are solely focused on printing and binding of books.

Many additional options are available based on your needs, including options for paper stocks, cover materials and extras such as ribbon markers, tip on mounted pictures, insets, pockets, slip cases, clam shell boxes, and more.

Our standard cloth color choices:

Email us at to  get the process started. We will quickly get in touch by email or phone to go through all specific options and requirements for your job including how to transfer files to us. Once all details are in place, we will then send you a special order link to confirm your final order and get started.

What about proofs?
Consider a 1 book order is a proof. A 1 or 2 book set of proofs is highly recommended before printing a larger number of books if you have any concerns about things. Our other option is to send you confirmation of your files electronically (a soft proof), to verify that the file is the correct document to print. There is no charge for a soft proof.

Turnaround times vary depending on quantity and time of year. Typical orders are shipped in 7 -10 working days from receipt of files.

Our committment
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