Foil Stamp Personalization



Woo Hoo! Select any product and add foil stamp name or monogram type initials for personalization! Look through some of our selections and examples. Design Bindery Foil Stamp Personalization is carried out using “old school” techniques: lead type fonts that are heated on a stamping machine (our KwikPrint stamping machines). Foil is applied through a combination of temperature, pressure and “dwell” time ( ie- how long you press down on the piece while applying pressure. This is a part of the true craft and is limited to areas no greater than 1″ H x 5″ wide. Not all materials are suited for foil stamping, sometimes a blind deboss or burnishing technique works better. We will advise you on any potential problems we might run into once you place your order. Price is $5.00 for 1 Jumbo Letter or one smaller type 36 or 24 point line of letters (no longer than 5 “). Standard Foil Colors are Gold and Silver. Multiple lines of copy and/or long phrases are somewhat discouraged as this technique truly looks best when kept minimal. We hope you agree!

Copper, Gold, White and Black Foil Stamp on Gunmetal Cloth (Silver Foil not shown here)

Jumbo Size non serif type 1.25″ Character height. Limit one letter only if this is selected
Outline Serif Type Capital letters are 0.375″ Height and lower case are 0.3125″ Height

Closeup on the approximate 36 point outline type in gold foil type

Jumbo sized serif style lead type, limit one character per order

36 point Outline type in a blind debossed method. (stamped into cover with no foil)

Custom dies — involving reproduction of vector based artwork, logos, special fonts and characters involve ordering a Custom Metal Stamping Die at additional pricing. This is usually reserved for larger quantity orders of 100 books or more. Contact us at if any questions! These projects are quoted on a case by case basis.

Custom Die Stamping Example 1 inch high by 5 inch wide
Example of a Custom Die for Burnished Logo. Certain materials foil stamp nicely and others are better to opt for blind debossing or burnishing as shown here.
Small Custom Die Logo Foil Stamped in Copper on Purple cloth

Additional information

Foil Color

Gold, Silver, Copper, White, Black

Type Style

Jumbo Non Serif One letter only , Jumbo Serif One Letter Only , 36 point Outline type ALL CAPS, 36 point Outline type Upper and Lower case, 36 point Non serif ALL CAPS, 36 point non serif Upper and Lower case, 18 point Cheltenham Condensed Bold ALL CAPS, 18 point Cheltenham Condensed Bold Upper and Lower case

Stamping Placement

One Jumbo Letter Centered, One Jumbo Letter lower right position, 36 or 18 point line less than 5 inches centered top to bottom and left to right, 36 or 18 point line less than 5 inches centered lower third, 36 or 18 point 2 to 3 letters max positioned in center top to bottom and left to right, 36 or 18 point 2 to 3 letters positioned lower right

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