Custom Project: Concealed Chicago Screw Post Binding


This is an example of a custom project we produce from time to time: Cloth Bound Hardcover Concealed Chicago Screw Post Binding. Orders of this nature are quoted on a case by case basis.

This type of binding is a great solution for items such as Art/Photography Portfolios, Fancy Restaurant or Bar Menus, Photo Albums, Scrapbooks and more. We can customize size and details to your needs.

The example features a Bright Red Verona book cloth on outside and inside. The cover has an inset window with die cut heart shaped layer over the light pink material.

Chicago Screw Post Binding is useful when you have need to add (or subtract) extra pages, You can flip up the inside and loosen the screws, paper punch your new page to the size of the holes and re- attach the srews. Woila….what a beautiful format!

We usually have over 20 different colors of Verona book cloth you can mix and match for your own design. You can see examples of the various colors in our DESIGNBIND line of blank journals.

Standard personalization options would be hand set lead type foil stamping or a custom metal die for foil or debossing.

Email us at info@design to inquire about a CUSTOM CHICAGO SCREW POST BINDING PROJECT.

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