New Product Spotlight: Handmade Leather Wallets

Over the last year or so, I had accumulated fairly large amounts of leather scraps from some white label commercial leather journal projects. I remember touring a bindery years ago that specialized in leather bound items and the production manager heading the tour said: “You can either make a lot of money making leather items or you can lose alot!” It all had to do with effectively planning the cuts of material from the sides of leather you purchase.

As somewhat of a hoarder for paper and scraps, I couldn’t just throw this material away, as I was often left with some pretty large pieces of leather that just weren’t quite the right size for my commissioned works. I knew that represented the loss the gentleman above referred to. So I kept piling up sacks of leather until I finally found the time to start making some wallets and other items out of my various scraps. At this point, I am hand punching and hand sewing all these smaller items, but plan to hone these prototypes into solid designs and then create illustrator files, which we will have laser cut ( we have the laser machine), and we are buying a new industrial sewing machine to add to our eclectic array of vintage and industrial machinery. At that point we will be able to scale larger volume and with more exacting precision. More new items involving this industrial sewing machine are in the works, no doubt! Stay tuned as we progress.

For now, here’s a few pictures to browse through and if interested, a few of the items have been posted for sale on the Livraison.US Etsy shop here



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