Leather Bound Journal Product Development Spotlight

Over the last several months, we have been collaborating with Rocky Leflore, owner/founder of Ducksouth in Morgan City, MS. He is host to a podcast and an online community of over 20,000 avid duck hunting enthusiasts. The concept for the hunting journal went through many iterations before landing on the final version below.  Basic ideas for this all stemmed out of some  of our other current Design Bindery product designs such as the Noterious Rustic Refillables and The Minimalist Journals. The Ducksouth Hunting Journal Oil Stained features a leather wrap with custom die logo heat burnishing on the front along with personalized lettering. The wrap is secured with a leather wraparound belt with snaps. Inside, the journal itself is bound in rugged linen buckram, 96 pages Smyth Sewn on 70 lb Rolland Text. Foil stamped in copper foil and secured into the leather wrap with a buckram pouch.  The concept is that for years to come, hunters can order new journals each 2 year span, recording their hunting experience and leave a remarkable legacy for their future generations. To order a journal, check out the Ducksouth Facebook group and get access to their online store.

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