Iowa Nice

Iowa Sunrise

I had a nice journey through Iowa this week, for the purpose of seeing some existing commercial accounts and opening up some new retailers for our Holy Cow! Journals. I had always heard the term: Iowa Nice,and based on the reception I received for our new journals, I would definitely have to say it was “nice”. Check out the updated page of retailers now carrying Holy Cow! journals in Iowa. Holy Cow!

Don’t get me wrong, I find people all over the Midwest to be pretty nice. But the experiences I had and the cool people I met at every stop over 2 days in Iowa really solidified the term. There was a controversy a few years back when the Nebraska State Tourism Board selected the slogan as “Nebraska Nice”. Boo! to those lazy no good un-original copycats who dreamed up that one. Sure Nebraska can be nice too, but Iowa was first to coin the phrase as far as I can tell. It was perhaps poetic justice that the Nebraska tourism director was fired earlier this year for cost over runs and their ad agency got the boot as well. But I digress…..

Back to Iowa. If you’ve never been there before you might have some preconceived notions as to what and who they are all about. You’ll probably make some wrong assumptions. Since my mom was born there, and I spent several summers as a wee lad on the family farm, even I might have had some wrong ideas about Iowans. But that all disappeared for me years ago. I know far too many really cool and smart people over there. For anyone else who might think I’m wrong,check out this guy’s YOUTUBE on the subject. (fair warning: NSFW, some strong language)

Wapsi Almanac

So now I have to plug The Wapsipinicon Almanac. This publication was showcased at virtually every bookstore I stopped at and every one of the booksellers I talked to had good things to say about this. It was at my 5th stop in Iowa City at Prairie Lights, that I finally purchased one and packed it home. The next day I started reading over lunch. I only got through the first 3-4 pages of “Talk of the Township” introduction by the editor, Tim Fay and already I’m hooked. The “Almanac” is appealing to me on so many levels. It’s printed impeccably on old school letterpress, and bound in a no nonsense style paper back binding.It feels wonderful, smooth and authentic just to hold in your hand. Tim Fay’s writing for the introduction quickly dispels any preconceived assumptions about uneducated Iowans. I want to read more, yet I want to savor it slowly in small doses. I have major admiration for this project which features almanac information of the 4 seasons, cultural information, short stories from local writers and advertisers of the local economy of Iowa, from bookstores, design firms, tourist attractions and much more. I could go on and on, but well, you get the idea. Iowa is Nice, and The Wapsipinicon Almanac seals the deal.

Now try to say Wapsipinicon 5 times in a row really fast! 🙂

Holy Cow! we’ve got some orders to fulfill. Thanks Iowa!!

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