Custom Projects

Design Bindery consults on and produces specially commissioned Custom Projects such as uniquely designed journals, planners, sketchbooks, notebooks, boxes, slipcases, photo albums, coasters, and game boards to name a few.

We got our start a few years ago, answering the call for special products no one else wanted to produce from diverse companies such as wineries, paper companies, sports teams and oil companies. It’s just grown from there as no two projects are the same. Small quantity production on up to larger scale rollouts are possible.

We currently produce ongoing work for clients in the areas of photobooks, sketchbooks, book publishing, paper companies, Architecture, and branding/design firms. If you have a project idea, email to get started.

Product development
printed laminated slip case for children’s book series
Fancy Product packaging for wine & spirits industry
bonded leather slip cases
Art Museum Special Exhibit Notebooks
Design Bind Archival Hinged Lid Boxes
Wine Tasting Journal Coaster Combo
Split up books and re-cased into 3 volumes

Book Re-Binding of Bibles and Rare Books
We get asked a lot about this topic. We do not rebind Bibles and do preservation/conservation of other rare, old books, but fortunately I can share with you the Best Bookbinder around for this type of thing, My colleague, friend and Bookbinder extraordinaire, Kevin Oliver at Signature Bindery in Lincoln NE,

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