A new twist on Islamic Bindings

The profession of a bookbinder, at times, can be a very humbling pursuit. Anyone who’s been on this journey knows what I mean. The fails. The innumerable fails….


Was thinking this is a-lot like musicianship of which I also know a lil’ bit. Remember talking to people who watched me play, them saying: “Wow, how much do you practice, like more than an hour a day….?


Long ago, I decided not to worry about this stuff too much and just resign my knowledge that there are some people who understand what it takes and others who just have no clue. There are some of us who have this obsession/passion and it knows no end, no limitations. Others of us unfortunately want to know more about what time they can go home and blah, blah, blah.


Our Design Bind Journey this week went into a style we call Islamic Binding.

Islamic Binding example

We had a wholesale order to work up this week, and with a few extra protoypes and good copies of this project, we are offering these one-offs on our Livraison.US Etsy site .


Buy Here!!

BUY Here!!

Coming up Next: Explorations in Marbling

Unryu Paper with single color Black ink Marbling

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