Specializing in the manufacture of our own distinctive line of blank journals and notebooks. DesignBind Journals and The MInimalist  are key products in the current line. Design Bindery also handles custom projects for other brands, and  through  YourBrand|OurBook.

Originally (around 2011) we started out doing a few other things. Offshoots of various ideas became their own imprints:

Livraison.US started out doing product development to assist startup companies producing their own journals and stationery lines.  While handlng product development we often come up with many extra “prototypes” utilizing unique materials, and production techniques. These  one of a kind items are sold through our shop on Etsy as well as a small select group of independent book stores across the midwest. The LivraisonUS mark indicates true “one of a kind” handmade products. No two are alike.  These are not made in mass production.

We always wanted our own regional brand of blank journal. With Holy Cow! Journals and Notebooks we carved a niche across the midwest from Omaha, Chicago to Madison, Sioux Falls to Iowa City, Breckenridge to Kansas City and more.  All we can say is “Holy Cow!”  these journals took off and became one of our best sellers for several years.

Noterious Notebooks and Stationery is  our newest, yet perhaps our most promising imprint. May new items are planning to launch including notebooks, boxed note cards and fine stationery. Stay tuned for updates!