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Holy Cow! (TM) Books and Journals: Animal Friendly/Faux Leather blank journals using recycled paper in a variety of sizes. All we can say is Holy Cow!


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Livrasion: a French word meaning “deliver or “bring”. Our original company name when we started out as a product development consultancy. Those ideas evolved into what is now our product line today. The Livraison.US line today now encompasses many of Design Bindery’s standard products with extra premium features and embellishments. All items are produced in ultra small, limited qty’s, so a book by Livraison.US is truly a collector’s item. But we encourage you to write-on! The Livraison.US brand also is home to our Wine Tasting and Recipe Journals which can be customized for wineries, wine tasting groups and parties and so forth. Giving someone a journal with the Livraison.US logo shows that you really went out of your way to provide that special someone, something special!


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Noterious(TM) a new upcoming line of  Notebooks and Journals with their own distinctive personality.  Coming Soon!!!

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